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Born in 1983, Silvia started showing interest in dancing at the age of 10, and has been evolving her style and technique since then. After attending many classes and workshops revolving around Modern, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance, at the young age of 16 she managed to join the Talent's Dance Company e Hip Hop Talents, a prestigious dance company founded by Lara Carelli, a well known local artist.

She created her first choreography in 2002 for A Midsummer Night's Dream, the high school's end of year show. On the very same year, she started teaching Modern and Hip Hop dance. Thanks to her passion and talent for coreography, she landed multiple teaching jobs in local schools, and successfully participated in various national contests. 

In 2008, she was a guest performer in the Shanghai University of Sports Christmas Show, and the following year she became a resident Street Jazz teacher at the Luna Dance Center ASD, a prominent dance hub in Ancona, Italy. Silvia deepened her knowledge of Street Jazz during several tours in the United States. In 2009, she performed at New York University in occasion of the NYU Summer Show. 

Silvia is not only passionate about dance: she has also pursued a career as History of Art teacher in Italy. Her interest in art also prompted her to get a degree in Museology. She has been successfully curating the Ancona Art Salon, an interesting fusion of performances and art exhibition, for the last 5 years. 



Dancer, choreographer, scenographer and director are the four roles Silvia has covered in many shows since 2002. The following three are a selection of which she's particularly proud of.



For the end of the year show of ArteDanza, a local dance school, Silvia decided to choreograph George Bizet's Carmen, adding a contemporary flavour to the opera. 

With the collaboration of the Shehu siblings, professional dancers, the story of the Sevillan tabacalera was brought back to life on stage. The Contemporary and Hip Hop dance choreographies were interpreted by 34 dancers, directed by Silvia. 

Thanks to the success of the show, Silvia's version of Carmen was performed again in the following months.  

The King

Having always been a Micheal Jackson admirer, Silvia felt compelled to dedicate an entire show to the King of Pop after his death.

A multimedia show, with Modern and Hip Hop dance and video projections, it was single handedly created and directed by Silvia. The choreographies were created in collaboration with other artists.

With a troupe of 60 dancers and artists, the show was a resounding success and another performance was organized.

Still for Tina

Still for Tina is a Tina Turner tribute band, whose show was entirely coreographed by Silvia, as Dance Captain. 

She also partecipated in the show herself, not only as a dancer, but as a well-rounded performer.

Following a great reaction by the audience, the show toured the Marche region, raising funds for the Italian ALS Research Institute (AISLA). 

Art Salon


Art Salon, set in the majestic Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona, aims to create a space where artists, performers and their audience can meet, sparking their creativity. 

Dancers, poets, actors, musicians and painters find their space in this multimedial, interactive experience. The visitor is free to roam around the gallery, experiencing live performances and joining various classes along the way. 

Silvia, with the invaluable collaboration of Ryan Daniel Beck, has been a curator of the event for the past 5 years. Art Salon has become a must-go event in the region.